Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon (Standard Packaging)

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Classic Walker Wagon Ages: 12 months to 4 years Needs: Assembly; hammer; 2 screw motorists; 2 wrenches At a Look: Stunning and resilient wooden style Push-resistant wheels ideal

  • for beginning walkers Front bumper protects furnishings and lessens crashes Removable wood sides ideal for carrying and
  • Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

    saving toys The”resist push”feature enables novice walkers to safely develop confidence and balance.

    View bigger. The wonderfully created Radio Leaflet Classic Walker Wagon offers a little extra stability for children who are ready to cruise around your house. Featuring a strong wood body and detachable slats, this push wagon integrates timeless styling with contemporary functionality. An ingenious push-resistant design enables starting walkers to equal the wagon, while a front bumper secures furniture and keeps children safe.

    Classic Style, Superior Quality

    The 22-inch Classic Walker Wagon features Radio Leaflet’s timeless red body and sturdy detachable wood slats which make it perfect for hauling and keeping toys. A tough chrome handle is sized for a toddler’s hands, while the molded plastic front secures furnishings from unexpected bumps.

    The wagon’s tires include a skid-resistant grip that keeps the Radio Flyer from veering off course. While the nonswiveling wheels keep this walker on course, some younger children may have difficulties making sharp turns, particularly on thick carpeting.

    Wagon Provides Cruise Control

    Kids will value the Classic Walker Wagon’s smooth, controlled roll. An ingenious push-resistant wheel design worked well throughout screening, making it easy for toddlers to equal the wagon.

    What remains in package

    Classic Walker Wagon parts and direction handbook.

    Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

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    • This acclaimed classic push wagon has long been a valued toy for young children
    • Wagon includes a natural, solid wood body with removable wood sides that are both lovely and durable
    • The molded tires have grip tread and the front bumper makes this wagon furnishings friendly and safe
    • This finest selling wagon is developed for maximum stability making it a terrific aid for little ones starting to walk

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