H.E. Harris Lincoln Memorial Cent#1 Coin Folder 1959-1998

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H.E. Harris folder holds Lincoln Memorial Cents from 1959-1998, in addition to history on the inside flap. This is a tri-fold folder that opens flat for all at when seeing with a total of 90 openings, then near book size for simple storage. The variety of coins minted and the year is printed listed below each opening of this folder. All H.E. Harris folders are made of acid-free products for the security and storage of your coins. The holes in this folder have a special LOCK-IN feature. However initially, a word of caution: constantly hold a coin by the edge and never ever touch its obverse or reverse. We recommend you use gloves when pushing your coins into place. Now that you are prepared, merely put the coin with one edge tipped into the hole, and after that push the high edge downward and toward the lowered edge (slantwise). Feel the snap? It’s secured! The Lincoln Memorial reverse was issued in 1959 to mark the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth. The initials of designer Frank Gasparro, assistant engraver (and later on primary engraver) of the U.S. Mint appear to the right of the memorial’s base. Description: H.E. Harris, ISBN: 978-093745800-6, Folder: Lincoln Memorial Cents # 1, Year: 1959-1998, Size: 6 x 7.75″, Color: Multi-colored Browns, Coin Structure:.950 copper,.050 tin and zinc, Coin Diameter: 19mm, Coin Weight: 3.11 grams, Coin Edge: Plain, Qty: 1, Coins NOT Included! A great present concept for any Coin Collector!

  • Coins NOT Included!A terrific present
  • concept for any coin collecor!

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H.E. Harris

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