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Young chefs can cook up playtime fun with Barbie doll and the Ultimate Kitchen area playset! Lights, sounds, colored dough, food molds and more than 20 pieces total provide all of the ingredients for scrumptious storytelling. The intense kitchen area has a cool design with numerous play areas and practical working functions. There’s an oven with a timer that dings– use it to bake the pie that increases in the dough mold. On the stovetop, a red light mimics heat and boiling sounds are a life-like touch. The center counter holds a fry press– fill with dough, then close and push the top to make french fries and hear them sizzle– and a sandwich maker that can be filled with dough and pushed to produce sandwich layers. Assemble to make a sandwich that looks great enough to consume. A third area of the counter includes a mini-fridge with working door below and a vegetable mold on top; fill with dough, close the lid, press, open and eliminate healthy-looking mushrooms, tomato slices, a broccoli stalk and carrot. Five dough colors– orange, yellow, white, green and beige– let gourmets’ creativities produce fantastic meals. Additional devices, like two place settings, a spatula, serving spoon, pair of tongs, knife, fry pan, pot and bowl– some with manages a doll can hold– motivate role-play and cooking area exploration. Barbie doll is using her cute polka-dot apron, a blue gown and white shoes. Young chefs will have so much fun preparing all type of meals, from suppers for two to celebration menus for family and friends. Collect other Barbie dolls and playsets in the cooking and baking line to ideal a dish for enjoyable! Includes Barbie doll wearing fashions and devices; the kitchen area playset with lights, sounds, veggie mold, sandwich maker and fry press; plus a pie mold, 2 place settings, cookware, utensils and five dough colors. Doll can not stand alone. Colors and decorations might vary.

  • Barbie doll assists young food enthusiasts cook up fun with the Ultimate Cooking area playset featuring lights and sounds, food molds and 5 dough colors and more than 20 pieces for role-play and storytelling fun!Multiple play
  • locations feature an oven with pie mold, “fry press,” “sandwich” maker and veggie mold
  • Fill the pie mold with dough and press to see it increase; then location in the oven and raise the lever to hear the timer ding -dessert is ready!Fill the”fry press “with yellow dough and close the cover to form fries and hear a tasty sizzle
  • Fill the sandwich maker with dough and close; open up to expose sandwich layers that can be put together to make one to order
  • Barbie doll wears a flexible look that consists of a trendy blue dress, adorable polka-dot apron, and white shoes.

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