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We all have our own preferred toys that we will not leave home without growing up, only that your kid’s wise honey bunny is better than yours so don’t be envious. Would it be great if you can find a charming companion for your children that will help entertainment them for hours? Honey Bunny will definitely satisfy a great deal of features. It’s pre-loaded with 13+ popular nursery rhymes and bedtime stories, plays music, can be utilized as a night light and a lot more. It’s constructed with accredited chew safe premium safe and long lasting materials for the liked ones.Being a music fitness instructor/ player, writer, and being a buddy that brings your child sweet dreams.


-Interactive play voice changer function – record and playback
-Chew safe silicone teether – children safe hazardous complimentary premium CPC (product item certificate) accredited product to promote teeth growth
-7 colors of Illuminating ears – The ears glow with colorful light which add enjoyable
-to the playtime, or can be used as night light.
-8 nursery rhyme tunes:
-5 fairy tales:
-Includes benefit additional 3 Chinese songs and 3 bedtime stories
-BPA free, Phthalates, and lead totally free
-CPC licensed (Kid Item Licensed)
-CPSIA (consumer item security improvement act) certified
-Recommended age: 2 – 10 years old
-Sleep mode to immediately power-off in thirty minutes of inactivity
-RoHS EN71 certified

-Integrated rechargeable battery
-Built-in speaker
-Volume control
-Features charging cable television
-Charging Port: Micro USB Port
-Weight: 13.2 oz
-Dimension: 8.46 x 4.53 x 3.15 inches
-Package Size:4.72 x 4.72 x 9.45 inches

  • [13+ Lullaby Melody and fairy tales] – Honey bunny enjoys to share bedtime stories with the babies and young child as well singing soothing lullaby nursery rhythm for a calm and good night sleep. It’s got plenty of tunes and story tells up the sleeves to put the agitated babies and energetic toddlers into a peaceful mind of state. Have Honey bunny to check out a bedtime story for kids whenever at your convenience and within your reaches, without time and place constraint.
  • [Chewable Teether] It’s not a bunny without those ears, they can illuminate in different colors and the colors. The ear is made from chew-safe BPA free silicone material CPC kids item certificate CPSIA licensed which is safe your baby, toxic-free, durable and drop resistant. Luminescent Ear – The LED light in the silicone ears can act as a cut night light for kids’ bed room.
  • [Media activity center] Speaker can be used as Bluetooth wireless connectivity to stream media from the player gadgets such as tablet, computer, mobile phones,. and so on. A best companion for your youngster as they grow from infant to young child and beyond. [Voice changer] – recording function that repeats. Support voice recording, tune playing and story telling function, it would be a perfect companion and convenience for your kids.
  • [Smart interactive companion] – keeping the young children entertained with the bedtime stories and songs while bunny offers early engagement to the lullaby and music world for the rock stars to be! [Home Entertainment & Early Education] When the story or music playing, the bunny luminous ears with 7 gradient light color to capture the kid’s eyes, attention, and get his/her heart. That would significantly increase kid’s knowing interest and capability to focus.
  • [Built-in Rechargeable Battery and Bonus dual language] Features rechargeable battery without the needs to constantly changing the batteries. In addition to the English mode, it includes perk Chinese bedtime story and nursery rhythm to encourage early education learning and present children both of the most spoken languages on the planet within your reaches offered the mobility and conveniences.

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